Why You Should Leave Wallpaper Removal to a Professional

It’s labor-intensive. It’s tedious. And it’s downright messy. We love the bold, creative look of wallpaper, but it can be a real challenge to remove when trying to paint a room. Wallpaper removal isn’t for the novice DIYer.

“What could go wrong?” Plenty, and here are a few of the most common reasons you shouldn’t remove wallpaper without the help of a professional.

Damaged Walls

It’s tempting to just start peeling wallpaper. However, in order to successfully remove wallpaper, it’s ideal to prime the wall. This first and most crucial step involves soaking wallpaper with solvents and other chemicals to loosen wallpaper. If not done properly, you could permanently stain your wall.

Things Can Get Messy

Peeling wallpaper can turn any spotless area into complete chaos. Cleaning up is a massive undertaking: discarded wallpaper, wet spots on the floor, tools and much more!

Time And Effort

As we mentioned, wallpaper removal takes up quite a bit of time, particularly if you’re not much of a DIY individual. That’s where a professional can get your old wallpaper off quickly and effectively.

We’ve got you covered.

The holidays are coming in fast. And if you want your home ready to entertain but don’t have the time to remove wallpaper and paint, leave it to us. Rockwood Painting Contractors™ have been around for 50 years, providing the residents of the Mahoning Valley with professional painting services. So let us help turn your painting dream into a reality.

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