A Complete Guide to Painted Kitchen Cabinets

You’re probably thinking, “Just a few coats of paint, and I’ll have a brand-new kitchen.” We get it, beautifully painted cabinets may look easily attainable in the magazines. But in reality, there is a lot to consider. That’s why we’re sharing everything you need to know about kitchen cabinet repaints to help you prepare for your next project.

1. How long does the cabinet painting process take?

Generally, it takes about five business days to complete a kitchen cabinet project. For larger kitchens, it can take up to eight days. From preparation to completion, there are many stages of the process, but we carefully execute each step with great attention to detail.

2. What paint colors are available for kitchen cabinets?

From white to black, all colors on the spectrum are available to paint your cabinets. We recommend using a lower semi-gloss finish, which is very durable and long-lasting and offers an elegant and smooth appearance.

3. Is there a warranty? If so, how long?

Rockwood Painting places warranties on all interior painting work, including kitchen cabinets. The warranty lasts for five years from the completion date.

4. Are the cabinets painted at my home or taken off-site?

Your frames are always finished on-site, regardless of the wood type. Oak doors and drawer fronts are finished on-site as well. However, maple or cherry doors and drawer fronts are removed and sprayed at our shop.

Check Out Karen’s Kitchen Cabinet Makeover!

Check out the video below to see how Rockwood Painting transformed this customer’s kitchen. Thank you for the kind words, Karen!