3 Ways to Hack Your Space for a Boost in Productivity

After months of stay-at-home orders, daily life is slowly but surely returning. While offices and places of business will continue to allow their employees to work remotely, there will always be people who desire the normalcy of being in the workplace.

For the employer, this is an opportunity to hit the restart button with the team and inspire creativity and new initiatives. And that’s where an interior re-design can leave a lasting impression with employees, stimulating the creative mind and boosting productivity. There may be no better time to give your workspace a new look and feel. We share three ways you can accomplish this.

1. Install Wall Art or an Office Mural

Art is more than beautiful and pleasing to the eye – it can have a positive physiological impact on the brain. Colorful, thought-provoking art displays create a sense of pride and commitment to quality work that can enable employees to embrace success. Artwork is proven to reduce stress levels and boost longer stretches of productive output.

2. Bring Nature Inside

We all have an inherent desire to be connected with nature – bring the beauty of the outside world inside your walls. Live planters and vertical gardens are a great addition to any space, promoting health and tranquility. Do your research before purchasing plants – consider the availability of sunlight and how often they can and will be watered. The greenery that will thrive includes succulents, rubber plants and peace lilies.

3. Focus on a Feature Wall

It’s possible to infuse color without having to paint the entire workspace. Installing a feature wall is a great way to break up the color patterns or material created from the other walls by adding some visuals. A mural, textured wall or even your company logo can serve as the focal point and bring life to your business.

Business Appearance Matters.

Whether you’re focused on reopening your business or returning to the office, creating a positive work environment for yourself and others should be a top priority. The overall appearance of a workspace plays a significant role in this. We can help refresh your space by providing interior and exterior commercial painting services. In response to COVID-19, our team is taking precautionary measures to ensure your health and safety.